Missing in Action

As many of you know the hubs and I were approached last year to do premarital coaching for a friend of his from college. After getting certified and working with our first couple things sort of took off. In addition to doing private sessions we've been asked to speak at different relationship themed events. While the whole process has been exciting being an introvert it's also been a bit draining for me. In order to carve out some time to rest (and sneak in a few extra spring workouts) I took a break from Whim to Wonder.


Four Sigmatic Muchroom Hot Cacao with Cordyceps

Exactly a month ago I reviewed Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee. You might remember I wasn't a fan. However, in that post I mentioned I'd picked up a packet of the Mushroom Hot Cacao with Cordyceps and planned on reviewing it too. Blame it on my bad first experience or the 70 plus degree weather we had here in Atlanta but I wasn't exactly motivated to make myself a cup. Then earlier this week a friend called me out. She reminded me that y'all were patiently waiting for episode two of the mushroom beverage show.


scone square

Raspberry Lemon Scones

via Kaetlyn Anne

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying my hand at different scone recipes. I prefer my scones pretty plain. Just a little bit of cinnamon and sugar or mini chocolate chips if I'm feeling adventurous. For me it's really all about the clotted cream *swoon*. The hubs however is more of a fan of the fruit flavored variety.