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morning musings | My Main Squeeze (cont'd)

Meet Mr. Cheetah Pants!

Ok so my planner doesn't actually have a name (though I might start calling him that now) and I only decided he was a boy for purposes of this post. But I seriously have no idea where I would be without him (sorry beau). On any given day I have a thousand and one things to do so I NEED to write everything down or I'll forget. I've tried different electronic calendars and setting reminders but they just don't work for me like good ole' pencil (or pen) and paper.

Kate Spade has historically been one of my favorite planner brands. There are adorable quotes at the start of each new month like this...

...and plenty of room for me to write down all my activities on both the month and week views.


(I purposely chose an emptier week because, trust me, you don't want to see all my scribbles. It's a mess!)

Now as much as I love Kate Spade I almost didn't buy Mr. Cheetah Pants. I had my heart set on an Emily Ley planner. In addition, last year I ordered the gold dot version of the KS planner (which is available for 2015 as well) and within weeks my dots started rubbing off; buyer beware! Ultimately the decision was made for me. I could no longer stand looking at the partial dots and didn't want to wait until January for a new planner (the EL one is a 12 month and the KS one starts in August). So I drove to my local Swoozie's picked up Mr. Cheetah Pants and have been in love ever since.

You might have noticed my lovely monogram decal on the cover. I was inspired by YouTuber Sarah Belle who makes me want to monogram everything in my life! I ordered it off of Etsy from ThePreppyType (just FYI). 
Lastly, I want to share how I organize my planner. I use washi tape and metallic sharpies for birthdays and special events/trips two days or longer. Because I really want those things to stand out. I color code the inside so I know at a glance what category an event falls into. For example teal (my favorite color) denotes random fun things I get to do while hot pink (extra girly) relates to anything regarding my small group girls. Red is reserved for bills (it just screams "pay me now, I want all your money!" in its little evil voice). And the color list goes on.
I know I'm SO old school but it's nice to take time out to wrap my head around what I have going on in the upcoming weeks and the colorful assortment of pens I use keeps it fun.