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(re) Introduction

One of the best things about dating and now being married to Mike has been hearing a guy's perspective on relationship issues. I've lost count of how many planned and unplanned "counseling" (I use that term loosely since we were both Marketing majors) sessions we've had with my friends about their guy problems.

I've found I enjoy spending hours talking about people's love lives almost as much as I love walking through Target with a green tea latte in my hand. That love is what eventually led to the end of flowers + grace and the beginning of Whim to Wonder. I just needed room to grow, you know?

One of my favorite categories of posts is called Tag Team. They're posts where The Hubs and I tackle a question submitted by a reader, together. On Monday, of a Tag Team post week, I take a question we've been asked and give my sisterly advice. On Wednesday, Mike plays the brother role and gives a guy's perspective. Then, we come together on Friday to share what we each have learned after hearing the other's point of view.

Get it? If not, you will soon enough my dear.

If you want to submit a question you can fill out the Contact Form located in the footer of the website or on the Contact page. It's as easy as that! We look forward to hearing from you soon.