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Tough Talk (part 3)

Mike: My immediate reaction when reading Cass Eli’s response to the question was “she stole all my answers!” (even though she wrote her’s first).

Cass: Ditto! When I read his post I had to ask "did you peek at my post?" And I didn't completely believe his response of 'of course not'.

We shared many of the same thoughts (which is a symptom of our marriage), but the word choice was eerily similar. I think that confirms both the accuracy of the answer and our honesty in revealing it. Having been in previous relationships that became more serious than they should have, we’ve lived this situation firsthand.  

Mike: Hopefully hearing everything twice helped it to really sink in. Both posts can be summed up by two sentences that jumped off the page in Step 3 of Part 1.

If he thinks it’s about him then he’ll think he can talk you out of it (eventually). Make it clear that your decision is not personal and also not negotiable.

If you follow the steps laid out in Part 1 and take them seriously, you’ll be set up for success. No matter what his response is, you’ll be prepared to move forward in a way that will be honoring to God and yourself. If he loves God and you, he will honor this decision just the same.

Cass: And if he doesn't honor your decision trust that God will. I'm so thankful my ex wasn't ok with my decision to stop having sex (and even more thankful I didn't cave and stay in the relationship). Because that decision is what ultimately led to me marrying Mike. *insert Awww here*