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Tag Team Partner

Hello to everybody reading this blog right now. I’m Mike! As if being Cass’ husband wasn’t already the best role in the world, I’ve been given the honor of being her tag team partner on flowers + grace. After reading her announcement on Wednesday, I started to think I’d have to write something like an acceptance speech, but let’s just stick to an introduction.

First of all, I’m one of you. Soon after we started dating, I stalked stumbled upon f+g and have kept up with it ever since. I’ve had the unique opportunity of experiencing life moments with her and then reading her unfiltered thoughts about it afterwards. Sometimes it takes a weekend recap to show me how cool our life adventures actually are!

We’re planning a lot of ways to interact with you and get more acquainted, but I’ll give you the 50-word version of who I am aside from being the luckiest husband in the world:

I’m a huge basketball fan that was born in Alabama where there are no professional teams (so I pick whoever I want to root for). I’m a laid back guy full of southern hospitality. Nothing excites me more than sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with people to gain new perspectives.

Speaking of new perspectives, that’s exactly what I want to give you - a view through the eyes of a man. If there’s a lucky guy in your life, I’m confident that our conversations will be equally as insightful for him as well. So grab your tag team partner and get ready for the new flowers + grace. This is going to be fun!