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Guess What?!

¡Hola Chicas!

One of the best things about dating and now being married to Mike has been hearing a guy's perspective on relationship issues. I've lost count of how many planned and unplanned "counseling" (I use that term loosely since we were both Marketing majors) sessions we've had with my friends about their guy problems.

With f + g growing and shifting towards a focus on relationships I thought who better to get in on this than the hubs. So every now and then we'll be doing "tag team posts".

'What does that even mean?' you ask. I'll explain.

On Monday, I'll take a question we've been asked and give you my sisterly advice. On Wednesday, Mike will play the brother role and give a guy's perspective. Then, we'll come together on Friday to share what we've learned after hearing each other's point of view.

Get it? If not, you will soon enough my dear.

Send your questions to Our first "tag team" week of posts will start on August 29th. So get excited!

We can't wait to hear from you.