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I can't say NO


"...because the answer is no. And yeah, I gave it some thought." -Ashley Buzzy


I'm terrible at saying "No".

No matter how long I consider the pros and cons or how sure I am that I 100% without a shadow of a doubt want to say "no" I still feel guilty actually doing it. The look in the eyes of whoever I'm disappointing crushes me. The thought that I could be potentially missing out overwhelms me.

That's probably why, most times, if someone asks me enough I'll eventually give in and say "yes". This has caused me to go to concerts I've hated, to read books I had no interest in, and stay at work late when I had plans so somebody else could leave sooner.

But I'm getting better.

This past week I stood strong on four "nos". I know it's ridiculous that I have to count.  But counting reminds me that I need to make self-care more of a priority. If you're anything like me in this area you might benefit from using the words of Ms. Buzzy "actually, no" a bit more. Try it out!