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This Is Part of the Adventure
Dear Anyone Struggling Along or Feeling Stuck:

The other day I got stuck behind a cement truck. Have you ever been stuck behind a cement truck? They're slow. And they stink. All I wanted to do was pass it but the double yellow line discouraged me from daring to do so.
So I sat there, scowling and pathetically plugging my nose. But as the road wound in and out and up and down through the trees, I got to thinking about the cement trucks in my life - those big stinky road blocks that seem to hinder my journey. Those things that remind me I'm not improving or moving or becoming anything fast enough - the lies I believe.
Maybe you've got some slow and stinky cement trucks in your life. Maybe it's a dead end job or an ugly habit or an obsessive worry about something. Maybe you're letting the cement truck stop you from sitting in the moment and taking it for what it is, either.
Let me encourage you that you're not stuck behind cement trucks on your own. We've all got our things - our shortcomings, our worries, and our road blocks. But God promises in His Word to pull us through and bring us home safely, no matter how the journey looks.
You're not stuck. You're just in a season. Maybe a stinky or slow or hard one. But it's a season that's part of the drive and crucial to the whole journey.
So let His Word comfort you, today. Put it in cruise control. And keep on driving. You're almost home.