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Dream Big, Start Now

via @abbeyglassstudio

Britt Bass is one of my favorite artists.

This past weekend I went to her studio for a pre-mother's day event she was hosing with Abbey Glass and Jacin Fitzgerald. Her studio is a narrow room in a tiny retail strip with plain white walls. But it feels as sophisticated as a downtown art gallery and as homey as a neighborhood boutique.

What I learned from attending this flower crown, pretty dress, and art filled event is you can do a lot with a little.

Sometimes we think things have to be perfect before we can start. But that is so not true! Don't believe me? Think of your favorite YouTuber. If you went to their page right now and scrolled back to their very first video (if they're brave enough to still have it up) you'd see a world a difference.

The things we on the outside see as perfect took someone years to build. So don't beat yourself up if day one isn't all you dreamed. You'll get there you just have to start.