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Confessions | Sometimes I'm a Convenience Christian

One of the great things about godly community is that they provide, what I like to call, an audible voice of God. I'm not saying they


God or they're


right. I simply mean that God speaks to us through them, and sometimes a literal voice is necessary to get our attention when we're too busy to hear that still soft voice.

Yesterday morning I overslept (y'all know Thursday is my #StruggleDay).

I didn't oversleep to the point where I woke up in a panic thinking, "I'm late! I'm late!" but rather to the point where I thought, "What corners can I cut to still be on time?" I decided I would pray before I started my day. But, in order to save time I threw my Bible in my purse so I could read when I got to the office.

With that plan in place I started getting ready. By the time I was headed out the door, I was reminded something my fiancé shared in a small group discussion a few weeks earlier.

He spoke on how we respect our bosses by getting to work on time every day, but we often disrespect God by hitting the snooze button or skipping our morning quiet time.

I wondered if I was disrespecting God but quickly pushed the thought away.

I tried to justify the situation because I made it a priority to pray before I did anything else. I also told myself that I planned to read my Bible later so I was good. God would understand. I was reaching for my keys when the Holy Spirit gave me another nudge.

How does your hair look?

I didn't need to look in a mirror to know that it was perfect. I wouldn't be headed to work if it were anything less. I'm a moody mess when my hair isn't done and nobody wants to be around me in those moments. I couldn't help thinking of how I would


wash my hair but wait to style it at work. Too many things could go wrong and it might never get done. Wasn't that exactly what I was doing by praying now but promising to read later?

Why is the state of my hair more important than the state of my soul?

That was a serious moment of conviction for me y'all. Instead of walking out the door, slowed down. I made a cup of coffee, lit a candle, and settled on the couch to open up His word. I wasn't going to push God to the bottom of my to


do list simply because it was the most convenient choice to make.

The only lasting relationships in life are the ones that are built on sacrifice. The ones where you say "YOU are my priority, the rest of the world can wait". I want to spend my life saying that to God even when my hair isn't done.