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confessions | I want to create pretty words

I, like the rest of the world, have fallen in love with hand lettering.

For months I've been doodling loopy letters on post-it notes at work. One day I asked myself what would happen if I really dedicated the time to get good at hand lettering? I'd be super proud, that's what would happen.

The only problem is I do not have naturally beautiful handwriting. Growing up my messy penmanship was one of the only faults teachers were ever able to find. One teacher went so far as to suggested that maybe I'd be a good doctor because she had no idea what I was writing.

Now that I'm in my twenties I've gotten better. Better meaning I can create legible letters. I still can't help being envious of the art-like writing some of my friends are able to effortlessly produce when creating grocery lists.

I read an article recently about an elementary school aged girl with no hands who won a penmanship award. Her writing wasn't "good for a girl with no hands" it was "good period". There would be no way for anyone to pick her writing out of a lineup unless it was because they noticed it was better than the others.

I've always used the excuse that I wasn't a natural so I could never be expected to write beautifully. That excuse was a defense mechanism, one that didn't change the ache in my heart every time I saw beautiful words that I couldn't create.

The problem wasn't that I couldn't create those words. The problem was that I was too afraid to fail. I've spent my whole life looking at "the naturals" wondering why God didn't bless me with their skill. I didn't, until recently, hold myself accountable for putting in the hard work it takes to do anything well.

I'm done with excuses. How about you?

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