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Tea Time | 4.1.16

What's in my cup: Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea with agave nectar. Also known as my cup of, much needed, peace because my allergies are making my life anything but peaceful right now.

What's on my mind: My ring. 
Sorry, I can’t help it! Every time I look down and reach for my cup there it is sparkling at me and leaving me in awe.
I’m in awe because I’m reminded of the man that picked it out…you know ‘my future hubby’ (I still love how that sounds). I think of the time, effort, and energy it took for him to find it because he wanted to make sure it was perfect for me.
I’m in awe because the work he put in to finding my ring is only a fraction of how hard he works each day at understanding who I am, encouraging my talents, and making me smile.
I’m in awe because I get to spend the rest of my life singing with reckless abandon while riding shotgun, dancing in grocery stores, going to used bookstores, serving in ministry, and doing life with this amazing human! I’m a lucky girl…and yes, I know I’m glowing (he does that to me).
Who's on my heart: All of the girls out there that are more worried about the wedding than the marriage.
So many young women idolize the day they’ll get married. They spend years of their lives planning for a handful of hours but they haven’t put a moment’s thought into what needs to happen to make the years of their life with another person work.

This is one of my holy discontents and the reason why so many marriages fail. I think I’ll start a movement #MarriagesNotWeddings if it doesn’t already exist.