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spotlight| Elle Campbell + Bob Goff

Bob Goff and The Edge of Yikes
Okay, so since we’re talking about taking risks and going on adventures this week, I thought I’d give you an inspirational little treat. I’ve been hanging onto it for this exact moment.
A bunch of weeks ago, I finally had the chance to hear Bob Goff speak live and in person. I usually only get to stalk him on the internet, so this was an exciting day.
He threatened Kenny’s life a little bit. (Did you know he has diplomatic immunity?)
He made a super cute video for my small group.
And he said some things that have been rattling around in my head ever since.
Here are two of my favorites.


“I’ve spent my whole life trying to get less comfortable. I don’t think Jesus wants us to be comfortable. I think Jesus wants you and I to live right on the edge of yikes.”

The edge of yikes. I just loved that.
And here’s another one…

“I don’t know every step I’m supposed to take. I think Jesus just wants me to take the next step.”

So good, right?