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Trust in the Process
As my recent Christmas vacation was winding to a close, I was watching TV with my dad. He was flipping between Lifetime Movie Network  and SportsCenter. SportsCenter has this newsreel on the side of the screen which tells you the game highlights they are going to discuss. One headline, in particular, caught my eye, so I suffered through to watch.

Trust in the Process is what the segment was called and they were discussing the losing streak of the Philadelphia 76ers. Apparently, the team had lost 28 consecutive games. BRUH! I was intrigued by this, so I searched online for more stats. A few of the headlines read:

Lowly Philadelphia 76ers Closing in on an Ugly NBA Record
Are the 76ers Purposely Trying to Lose?
76er’s in the Running for the Worst NBA Franchise Ever
Just pathetic! This one was spoken by the best sports critics ever…my dad.