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Friday Faves | 3.11.16

This week I only have one favorite. It's THAT good!

I first fell in love with Thayers Witch Hazel when I was in college. I was still in my teens, I ate nothing but junk, and my face broke out a lot. The difference I saw in my skin was amazing. Once my skin seemed to mellow out I stopped (because I'm lazy and it's a miracle when I manage to wipe my mascara off at night).

Fast forward a few years (and then a few more) and I've started experiencing really terrible hormonal breakouts right before my period. Since the fall I've been trying everything to fight them then one day I remembered my magical witch hazel experience and headed to Nuts and Berries to pick some up. I used to use rose petal but they were all out so I grabbed the lavender bottle.

Our reunion has been great. My skin is literally glowing. The biggest thing for me has been how well it's cleared up my bacne (we're getting real close today y'all). While the skin on my face has never been that bad my back has been horrible since my freshman year of high school. I vividly remember wearing my cheer uniform one Friday and the guy sitting behind me in class saying "look, I've found Appalachian Trail" referring to the 'mountains' on my back. I've gone to the dermatologist and have been prescribed pills, serums, the lot but nothing has worked as well as this simple toner.

If you aren't in Atlanta you can order your own bottle off of Amazon or pick it up at a drugstore like CVS.