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weekend wrap-up | 2.8.16


I spent my weekend at a women's conference crying my eyes out as I listened to women be so transparent and so real. The theme of the conference was #NEXT. We spent a lot of time examining our hearts and letting go of whatever was holding us back so that we can boldly walk into what God has next for us.
At the end of the first night we were given cards to write down what exactly we felt was holding us back. My card looked something like this:
fear of inadequacy
-b/c of my past
-due to lack of skill for my future

I love how without me ever having to say either one of those things out loud God spoke directly into those fears. My favorite quote from the weekend, one of many, was the caption to my Instagram post:

The character of our God is not one that disqualifies us based on our mistakes.

The enemy uses fear and lies to make us think we aren't good enough. He spins just enough truth into the lies that we believe the whole thing. A lie I believed was God could never forgive me enough to use me for something great or to redeem areas in my life where I had previously failed. I understood that I had been forgiven but it was almost as though I thought I barely made it so I better not ask for more.

Some of the best examples of godly men and women in the Bible are the ones that fell the farthest; ones that seemed unlikely candidates to do great things for the kingdom. I knew this but I didn't live this knowledge out. I'd been thinking I better not step too far out of line or everyone will realize I'm a faker because someone will point out who I was. But who I was is not who I am and I needed a push from my godly community to remind me of that so I could let go of the fear that's been holding me back. Sometimes it takes a push to help you realized that what you know isn't just true for someone else but it's also true in your life. What lies have you believed?