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tea time | 2.4.16

Hey, this is my very first #TeaTime post. One of my favorite things to read on other blogs are Coffee Date posts. I have a vivid imagination and can picture myself sitting across the table with a cup in my hand actually listening to the words I am reading on my screen.

Thursdays are my #struggle days because Wednesdays are my late nights. So while I'd like to meet you for an early morning cup o' joe it's much more realistic for me to meet you later on for a less caffeinated cup of tea (by then I'm able to form complete sentences).

We'd have to meet at a place with a couch because I like to sit uncomfortably close to people I like, and of course I like you if we're meeting for tea. So grab a cup and come snuggle next to me.

What's in my cup: Peppermint Tea…my parents gave me a ton of tea for Christmas and I wasn't sure I would like this one. It's super refreshing and I love the way it tastes without sugar. It now has a place in my regular rotation.

What's on my mind: Last night our high school pastor and his wife kicked off a series called The Dating Game. They started with how to become "the one" before trying to find "the one". Even though the message was geared towards teens it was super insightful.

It was so amazing to me how Mike and I have followed "the plan" they laid out before ever hearing it spoken aloud. We'd been in the same circles for years, somehow ended up at the same church, and eventually started serving together. It wasn't until he was intentional about being in God's presence and began walking in his purpose that he was ready for his (future) spouse.

Presence > Purpose > Spouse

So often we go through this process in reverse. We seek a spouse (or at the very least a boyfriend). Try to figure out what we're doing with our lives/our purpose. THEN we are ready to sit with God. Or at least we think we will be. It's rare that we successfully get to or through the first two without His guidance. In fact it's usually failed attempts that bring us to Him.

Who's on my heart: All of my single friends! I wish I could rewind time and somehow transport them from all over the country into last night's service.

My heart especially aches for those that are chasing relationships in hopes of being fulfilled. I just want to shake them and say "it's not gonna happen like that girl!" Even the most well-meaning guy will let us down. He's a broken human just like you and me. But once we become whole in the presence of Christ then we'll be equipped for the responsibility and honor of being a helper to one of His sons.