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Would you go to a church shaped like a shoe?

via Christian Post

The random things one can find when they have too much free time and an internet connection.
This month a church will open that resembles Cinderella's glass slipper. The goal is to attract female worshipers. While the idea may sound a bit extreme (read more here) it made me think of all the other things churches do to attract people. And how those things played a role in what church I now call home.
My eyes light up at the sight of a pretty church. If you haven't visited a North Point campus you're missing out and I'll be more than happy to go with you one day. I prefer contemporary worship to traditional book read hymns (except on holidays).  I relish in the convenience of having a coffee shop on site. All things that church marketers bank on these days.
So maybe the idea of going to a shoe shaped church isn't so out there.