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The Finishing School Book Club

Y'all there are few things I love more than putting my headphones in and tuning out the world. Periscope is my go to when I'm tired of whatever audiobooks are on my Overdrive and I don't feel like listening to music.

Yesterday I was so excited that four of my favorite accounts/people streamed. One of those was Valerie Woerner, of Val Marie Paper, kicking off The Finishing School Book Club. I've wanted to read this book for months. It's only $15 via her shop. They also have "imperfect" copies that sell for $6 with 3 of those dollars going to The Her Initiative.
The book club will happen every Monday. Each chapter will be taken two weeks at a time with one week for reading and "homework and another week for implementation. There are a ton of support products on her website and a facebook group to help you follow along.

"Let the refining begin."