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Spiritual Gifts

I can tell its January because our fridge at work is overflowing with healthy lunches people brought from home. I can tell its January because I have to wait to use machines at the gym near my house. I can tell its January because self-help books are everywhere I look.

Wouldn't it be great if I could tell it was January because people were flocking to serve in the church? So many resolutions or goals people have are self-centered. "How can I be better' they ask but I'd rather they ask 'how can I make the world around me better'.

A great step towards identifying the change you can make is by knowing what your spiritual gifts are. Knowing your strengths will help to identify where you can make the greatest impact. Below is a Spiritual Gifts quiz I got from Johnson Ferry. Take a few minutes right now to find out what your spiritual gifts are then ask God to show you where/how He wants you to put those gifts to work.