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recap | Word of the Year 2015

Some of you may remember that in January I chose a Word of the Year; embrace. Looking back I can see how this one little decision impacted so many of my choices throughout the year. If you told me last December I'd be standing where I am now I wouldn't believe it. In fact I would have fought tooth and nail to make sure it didn't happen.

Having a Word of the Year gave me much more freedom than a typical "resolution list". Instead of feeling the need to check boxes to prove I wasn't a failure I was able to inspire lasting change. If you didn't read the first post, or don't care to remember every little detail of my life, I'm a control freak. I mean I'm down for adventures or last minute road trips…as long as their MY adventures or I know EVERY detail surrounding the trip. Needless to say I thought a good goal for 2015 would be to lighten up.

Whenever I wanted to second guess a decision or back out of some random fun event my friends sprung on me last minute I would whisper the word embrace to myself and do the opposite of what I felt. Relinquishing control really allowed me to hear God's voice. I laid all of my expectations of what the year should look like at His feet and in return I was given more than I would have allowed myself to dream.

Now all that's left to do is pick a word for 2016.