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Let's take Jesus off the cross

I recently shared a story of the day I noticed Jesus had fallen off of the cross on my necklace. He was found and safely tucked away in a jewelry box but I never tried to get Him reattached. If I’m being honest I much prefer the piece of jewelry sans the miniature image of my Savior slowly headed towards death.

Ever the hero, my boyfriend saved the day by explaining that now the necklace represented the resurrection of Jesus since He was no longer on the cross. (I know he’s wise beyond his years. #Blessed)

A few days later our pastor spoke on the many ways we see Jesus. The one example that stood out to me the most was when he said, “many of us see the Crucifixion Jesus. He is someone to be pitied”.

Before that moment the idea of “pity” never crossed my mind in reference to Jesus. Then I reflected on how many times I cringed as I heard the gruesome details of His death or turned my head when I saw it depicted by mere actors.

It is so common to see that image used as a way to make people repent. To turn them away from the sins that held Him to that cross and led to that tortuous death. But we often gloss over the image that comes next. The image of His glorious resurrected body. The body that conquered sin and death and proved once and for all He was and is God.

It’s almost as though we prefer to keep Him in that place of pity. Where we can almost feel superior rather than lift Him, in our minds, to the place of power He deserves. When we do place Him there we realize that we are the ones to be pitied but instead we are extended mercy and grace.

We get the most out of this deal. So let’s take Jesus OFF the cross…because He’s not there anymore.