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weekend wrap-up | Busy Beaver

Once every few months my church hosts an all-girls gathering called Chick Chat. This month I went with a group of our female leaders from The Capitol (high school ministry). We met at my favorite coffee spot, Rustic Couch, before heading to the service. The message was on being a centered woman and they used the characters from Inside Out to demonstrate how, as women, we often let out emotions control us. I'm definitely heading to Redbox to rent the DVD.

lovely ladies of The Capitol

We wanted to have a small group outing that was free for our students (well really their parents) since the holidays are upon us. One leader suggested grabbing all the fast food we could think of and having a feast. Thus Junksgiving was born. We ordered a catering tray of nuggets from Chickfila, 2 pizzas from Papa John's, 2 pizzas from Dominoes, burritos and tacos from Taco Bell, burgers and chicken sandwiches from Mc Donald's, fries and burgers from Wendy's. For dessert we had ice cream floats, Oreos, Chips Ahoy cookies, pie and cake from Publix. There was also random candy (Starburst, mini Reese's, and lollipops). Basically enough food to make any normal human sick but it was great.

I promise those aren't gang signs

My weekend ended with a concert. I was ecstatic a few months ago when my other half told me his favorite Christian rapper (SPZ RKT) and mine (Andy Mineo) would be doing a show together. With all the craziness that has been my life I almost forgot about the show. It was perfection. My only wish would be that SPZ RKT's set could've been a little longer and that more of the crowd knew his lyrics. I guess that's what comes with the territory of being an opener. do you love me...