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morning musings | ACV

Let me preface this post by saying I know, this is totally random…


Y'all I love Apple Cider Vinegar. I was first introduced to it years ago when I was competing in pageants as a way to lose weight. Looking back I think it's crazy that anyone ever told my 115 pound teenage self she should lose weight, but I forgive them.

Fast forward to today and my retreat recovery regimen; enter Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). The first thing that needs attention is this sore throat. I lost my voice from all the shouting I had to do to be heard over the craziness that was 500 high school students in one place. ACV helps with that. It kills the bacteria rather than coating the pain so I actually heal faster.

Next my skin is mildly freaking out because I ate far from healthily (that's a word right?) this past weekend. I've found that just a dab used as a spot treatment after I wash my face clears my skin quicker than any product I've ever bought in a store.

The list of uses goes on and on. However, my favorite involves massaging it into kale for the world's most delicious salad. (Thanks Mike for showing me that trick.)