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Monday Inspiration

via. The Jungalow

Home Office updtae | The Jungalow
It’s been about fifteen years since I took my last school finals, but somehow that school schedule still runs my world. The summer is full of leisure and by the time mid to late August rolls around I want to get everything in order and super tight for the start of fall. When Target asked me to share some home organization tips I thought I’d take the opportunity to decorate the ‘office’ in my new home (which is really just a corner of the dining room).

If I had any shame at all I’d be too embarrassed to show you how I’ve been working for the past couple of months, but alas, I’m pretty shameless so here goes:

An Organization Jumpstart in my bohome office...(before)
Yeah. Not too inspiring, and definitely not boho. Highly un-design-blogger like. I mean it’s the worst. But here’s the thing, we’re still pretty house poor so I am not trying to buy any big ticket items right now, so this post provided a good excuse to put together the space without spending too much cashola.

So one morning we made a trip to Target and grabbed a few things to help organize all of the home office stuff. That combined with repurposing stuff we already had…and later that afternoon my home office looked like || this ||