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Rustic Couch

For months my I’ve heard people at my church singing the praises of Rustic Couch. I’ve wanted to go for a while but since I’ve yet to ditch my Fulton County address for a Gwinnett one the drive seemed too long for just coffee.

Last week my work schedule changed. The change allowed me to (kind of) beat rush hour and gave me a little cushion of time, before my weeknight commitments at church, to fill. As badly as I wanted to check out Rustic Couch as soon as possible I also wanted to make sure my other half was with me the first time I visited. So I patiently waited until Saturday.

I instantly fell in love. It’s way more than “just coffee”. If you’re in the Atlanta area this should definitely be added to your list of places to check out. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The music is great. The food and drinks are amazing. And they have games y’all. I can’t wait to make my visits a regular thing.