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weekend wrap-up | Outcry Tour

I didn't take a ton of pictures, because I was too busy having fun I guess, but this weekend was Outcry Tour. It was such a great time! My highs and low for the night are as follows:

HIGH – Going with some of my favorite people in the world (our High School Ministry staff/volunteers) #CapitolAtl.

LOW – Realizing Passion wasn't scheduled to play this date. (Yes I know I could literally walk to their church from my office and see them on any given week but I was still disappointed.)

HIGH – Seeing so many people that impacted my personal faith walk. Years of my life were represented by those in attendance.  
Oh and Crowder asking if it was ok to "get rowdy" before busting out the banjo and playing a mash-up of I Saw the Light and I'll Fly Away…highlight of my night!

Mia & Mariah, I need a M name too.

I was literally drenched in sweat I don't know how they survived in jeans!