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morning musings | Virtual Community

One of the greatest things about having godly community is having people to pray for you and over you. My small group is amazing in this area. When I feel doubts about which direction to head; they pray. When my heart is burdened with the stress of life; they pray. When things are going great and life seems good; they pray.

Having spent most of my life in churches where I was one of a very small group of people in my age group or life stage I know what it's like to crave community and to long for people to really do life with. My heart breaks for my friends in other parts of the country and even world that feel like an island. But then I'm encouraged by the internet and its ability to connect. "Http://www. " can so easily become a lifeline to those of us searching for like-minded people.

She is MORE was one of those lifelines for me while I was transitioning out of college ministry at my old church and searching for a home that valued non-married young adults. Nothing beats having actual flesh and bone people to meet for coffee or to hug on but virtual community is a good reminder that we aren’t alone in our struggles and our wonderings.

Yesterday I read this post (that was actually published Friday) called Why Committing to Failure Wins. It's a lesson I've learned multiple times yet something I constantly need to be reminded of. Right before the end of the post Kristen shares the prayer below. Even if we never meet it's so encouraging to know that she's praying for me (and for you if you head on over to the blog). Each post is crafted to touch the lives and hearts of those that God brings into her sphere of influence. She doesn't just write to "hear herself speak". She writes because her heart bleeds with purpose and she wants ours to too.