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morning musings | Desk Swag

Lately the air's been getting cooler here in Atlanta. It's like Fall is whispering "I'm right around the bend just hold on". There's something about Fall that feels like a reset for me. It's way more powerful than New Year's Eve could ever be. With that being said I knew I needed a change…ASAP. The best place to start seemed to be the place I sit at almost every day; my desk.
1| I work in a corporate office and while I push boundaries as much as I can I'm not always able to be as free spirited as I would like. I love this frame from World Market because it manages to be bohemian and classy at the same time.
2| I'm a firm believer that tea tastes better when served in a proper cup. This set is visually interesting enough for a creative like me but still office appropriate with its neutral coloring.
3|Pencil cups are a necessary evil. And they're only evil because they're so darn ugly. I love this hammered metal bathroom tumbler. I mean a cup's a cup, right?
4| Quotes make my world go round. This "paper clip" has enough slots for a quote, scripture card, and a mini to-do list. Plus it's a lot easier on the eyes than a million post-it notes.
5| I love monograms, hey I'm Southern! I also love food. Since I'm constantly snacking it's helpful to have a cute compact around, like this one, in case I need to check my teeth.
It's funny how a few little changes can make a big difference. Fall, I'm ready for ya!