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a look at | Offense

A little over a year ago a friend came to church with me and we stopped by the bookstore on our way out. There on a shelf near the door was The Bait of Satan by John Bevere. My friend's eyes got so wide I was afraid they we're going to pop out of her head. "I've been looking for this book everywhere" she said as she dreamily walked to the counter bulletin in hand (because there happened to be a 10% off coupon in that week's bulletin).

About six months later a different friend quoted John Bevere's example on having expectations from the same book and mentioned that everyone should read it. Then two weeks ago a third friend's wife said she had just finished reading the book on her Kindle and was a fan. That weekend I looked for the book at the church bookstore again but it was sold out. So when I stumbled upon this YouTube video on the same topic I got excited. I haven't listened yet so I guess we'll experience this together.