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a look at | Friends

Earlier this week a friend introduced me to her coworker. Where the friend was warm and kind the coworker was cold and standoffish. Being an introvert I understand that meeting new people can be hard so I tried to be optimistic. I figured if the two girls hung out, outside of work, they must have more in common than any of us were able to see upon our initial meeting.

After the coworker left my friend explained that she wasn't nervous or shy but that she was actually always a little mean. She joked about how when they worked on projects together they sort of swapped places. She'd be more forceful than normal with people and the coworker would be a little more polite. As she laughed it off I couldn't help but think of how I too mirror the personalities and mannerisms of the people I spend the most time with.

Growing up my dad stressed how important it was for me to choose friends of good moral character. He would quote 1 Corinthians 15:33:

I think that's why I'm super selective about who I hang out with now. I'm also super sensitive to shifts in my friends' behaviors when they start hanging out with new groups of people. Sometimes these shifts can be good. As I gained more godly community I found my decisions to stand on Biblical truth were affirmed versus how with previous friend groups I was chastised. My desires were the same in both situations but doing so was easier or harder based on who I was around. They call that peer pressure y'all.

I love this example I've heard a few people use. Imagine you're sitting on a stool and a friend is on the ground. It's much easier for that friend to pull you down to the ground with them than it is for you to pull them up. That's even more so ture with our behavior. It's so much easier to fall into bad habits. They're more comfortable and on the surface more fulfilling. Living a noble life is hard and that's why we need a support system around us.

Now before you swear off all people who don't think or live like you let me remind you that we are called to go to those people. We are called to show them the love of Jesus. However, in the midst of fulfilling that calling it's so imperative that we keep wise council.

Moral of the story, be careful who you choose to do life with it'll show.