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weekend wrap-up | the loFt


You know you're a terrible blogger when; you go to an event and post a million photos/ videos on Snapchat but save zero to share on the blog. #RookieMistake . Thankfully @TheLoftForward is on IG so I was able to screenshot a few pics to share with y'all.

One of my biggest passions in life (after Jesus of course) is for the Arts. I grew up dancing, obviously I love to read and write, I live with a super talented musician, and we have an apartment filled with original art by the #BesFran. The thing that frustrates me most about Christian cultural is that, for the most part, we shy away from all things creative or artistic.

Michael Buckingham once said:

Want to know your passion? Find your frustration.

This is mine. I don't believe being a follower of Christ means living a boring drab life. If any group should appreciate and celebrate the beauty of the world around them, every color every sound every smell, it's Christians because all those things reflect back on the majesty of the Creator.

That being said I love what the talented team at the loFt did in creating this event that incorporated so many artistic elements in a way that glorified God. Bravo!

live band

spoken word
giant Jenga

photo booth
prayer wall
dance party