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morning musings | 100 Day Project

Becoming great at something is a long tedious process. It takes trial and error then more trial and more error. Greatness is a day by day moment by moment decision.
Enter the 100 Day Project.
The project kicked off in April (and is actually nearing completion) but in true rebel form I like to do things on my own schedule. Well that and the fact that I was crazy busy this spring. So since summer has finally entered its lazy lull I feel like I have time to commit now.
Basically the challenge is to do one (creative) thing a day for 100 days. The "thing" is totally up to you. You could paint, write, sew, etc. Just as long as little by little you are working towards the goal of being great.
Read more about it here or listen to Elle Luna explain it here.
I started my #100DaysofiPhoneography project yesterday. Why you ask? Because I really want to get better at taking (and editing) shots with my phone. I mean I am a blogger, or whatever. I've gotta step my game up.

What's stirring in your heart? What skill would you like to enhance? Grab hold of that idea, that dream. Now join me on this 100 day journey.