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what to wear | Madewell Edition

Stores reflect lifestyles and personalities. When I dream of the perfect life I envision myself shopping only at Anthropolgie, Free People, or street markets in other countries. But if I'm being realistic those clothes don't actually fit with my day to day activities and the pieces I do own from those stores are saved for when I want to be more fancy or more artsy than I actually am.

Enter Madewell.

As the little sister of J. Crew, Madewell, bridges the gap between the preppy human my corporate bosses would like me to be and the inner bohemian that's constantly itching to get out. The cuts are looser, the fabric is more relaxed, overall it just feels younger and more hip (I say all this while wearing a J. Crew dress, don't judge).

So for today's #WhatToWear I decided to build an outfit using only Madewell items.

I literally dream about this bag. English saddle leather, gold monogramming, what more could a girl possibly want?

A Tassel, some texture, and stripes paired with mix and match metals keep this look free-spirited.

I need flats because I chase small children and climb over fences.

I do life in blue, nuff said.

Also I would add a funky wide brimmed hat tilted up. Kinda like this or this (Madewell just didn't have any that I loved).