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weekend wrap-up | Adventuring

Saturday had every possibility of being the most boring day ever. I had to take my car in for a service appointment that was scheduled to last hours upon hours. My original plan was to read one or two of my 7 million library books (fun) in the awkwardly close moderately smelly waiting room (not fun). Then my friend suggest a pool day (fun) but the weather man predicted thunderstorms (fun…but not safe).

So we went adventuring.

I made a new little non-living friend, finally found a pretty swim cap, drank frozen green tea, and fell in love with a puppy. And that's just what I can comfortably fit in one sentence. It never ceases to amaze me how ordinary life can become such an adventure with the right attitude (and the right person by your side).

Let's greet Monday with the same excitement we used for Friday. Then I know it'll be great!