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spotify selections | Fish Fest

My roomie is a rock star. If you follow me on any sort of social media platform you're probably sick of me singing her praises; sorry not sorry.
Since she leads worship for a living I usually trust her judgment when it comes to which Christian bands are cool and which are not (though our tastes do differ just a little…I still haven't heard her play one song by Plumb and that hurts my heart). This weekend she went to Fish Fest: Third Day and Friends. She mostly went because she was invited by a family friend of Mac Powell, I wasn't kidding about the rock star thing y'all, but she had a great time. I mean Third Day is after all Contemporary Christian Music royalty especially for someone who grew up going to church in Marietta, Ga where they're from.
As we mentally went down the list of their greatest hits I was blown away by how much I actually liked Third Day. As a pseudo-hipster Christian it's hard for me to remember that there are bands other than Passion, Bethel, or Hillsong. But there are.


1| No Turning Back - Brandon Heath
2| Burning In My Soul - Matt Maher
3| Soul On Fire - Third Day
4| Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath
5| Revelation - Third Day