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morning musings | Blessed is she who believed

One of the biggest things I've learned through various small group interactions is that women (and girls), on the whole, feel inadequate. When we don't hear an immediate "yes" from God we begin to wonder what we did "wrong" and often question our self-worth. Worse we begin to second guess the promises He's made to us.
I'll admit I've been guilty of this many a time. For a while it seemed like no matter how often I arrived on the other side of "no" receiving understanding, clarity, and peace I'd revert right back to my doubting when the next storm came. How foolish is that?!
During my quiet time this morning I came across Luke 1:45.

My first thought was, what a great deal strength and faith it takes to continue to trust while your heart is breaking. This led me to evaluate my own life and how I've been doing with my word of the year; embrace.
I'm pleased to say that I've come a long way since January but it hasn't been easy. For me embracing has looked more like forcing myself to do the opposite of what I'm naturally inclined to do. Merriam- Webster's 3rd line in defining the transitive verb embrace says 'a: to take up especially readily or gladly b: to avail oneself of: welcome'. I'm not sure how gladly I've gone into situations over the past few months with the "do what you don't feel like doing" attitude but I've definitely left feeling better from each experience.
Ok so I sort of went on a tangent and you might be wondering what in the world this has to do with the verse from Luke. When we truly believe that God is going to fulfill His promises we can truly embrace whatever comes our way. Read that last sentence one more time, I'll wait.
*Mind Blown*
God is working out all the details. There's nothing we can do to control or manipulate the situation. And when we try things always end up worse and we end up taking longer to get where He wanted us in the first place.
I'm currently in a season where everything seems to be effortlessly falling into place. Things are clicking. I've noticed that the parts of me that made me feel inadequate in previous seasons are the exact things that are working in my favor now. That's what happens when you walk in God's will for your life. The pain of growth when you're where you are supposed to be is much better than the self-induced struggle of trying to be someone you were never meant to be.
 Let's stop taking matters into our own hands and begin trusting in The Hands that hold the world.