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happy heart | It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday...

This week has been crazy long and I'm so glad it's Friday. The introvert in me is dreaming of a night spent in my PJs eating ice cream and watching Netflix. My brain is too tired to think. But instead I'll be hosting a game night; yay! (I promise that wasn't sarcasm.) The ladies from my small group, and a few guys from another group in the area, will be coming over to fellowship and even though I'm exhausted I'm super excited. Good company does that; especially when they come bearing food. So today's #happyheart is in honor of, what else, game night.

My new goal in life is to make custom Clue pieces.
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If chapter meetings for my sorority taught me one
thing it was that Puppy Chow is always a hit.
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First, ignore the fact that there's Pepsi in this picture. I rarely drink soda but I'm from the South so if I did it would be Coke. Second, this movie night post gave me hope that I can have Netflix, ice cream, AND game night all at the same time.
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Being that this is the second game night I've hosted this month and there are talks of having one next week as well I should probably invest in floor pillows and poufs.
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Friday - Rebbeca Black