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announcement | Plywood Presents

If you've learned anything about me by reading this blog then you've probably learned that a lot of my decisions are inspired by #GirlCrushes. When I see a girl that's too cool for school and totally sold out for Jesus I must know more about her life.

Enter Sara Spaford Karr (she's married now y'all).

When I was in college one of my sorority sisters introduced me to Sara via a random campus yard sale. At the time Sara was working on His Embrace; a handmade hair accessory line that raised money for women (and their children) escaping from former lives as prostitutes. Years later I still have a Ruth and Naomi project tag in my Bible and I still creepily stalk her life from time to time.

Besides making me a custom headband for my birthday one year (I know, I'm cool by semi-association) Sara also introduced me to my current obsession Refuge Coffee (thank you Instagram and free Henna). But my admiration doesn't stop there Sara currently works with Plywood People; a.k.a. the kids everyone wished they were cool enough to sit with at lunch.
This August they will be hosting Plywood Presents – The Gathering for Social Innovators. Join other doers (creative, activists, and entrepreneurs) for this two day conference in Atlanta. The bad news is today is the last day to sign up (for Early Adoptor registration). So you should head over ASAP to find out more.