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weekend wrap-up | April Showers Bring May...Weddings?!

Happy Monday! I'm so excited to be back. Seriously, by Tuesday I was just itching to post but the break was needed and enjoyed.
I feel like Saturday almost everyone I know attended a wedding. And I don't mean we were all at the same friend's wedding. I mean all over the country people were counting down the days until May 2nd. I was so blessed to spend the day with the beautiful bride pictured above; my dear sweet Amanda. She and her hubby *eeek, its official* are one of my favorite couples on the planet. Even after years of dating they still look at each other with googly eyes. It's enough to make the coldest heart melt. It was a small-ish wedding that took place in the mountains. It was gorgeous, no detail was spared, but also fun. I feel like most brides want things to be so perfect that they leave no room for human error. But everything that went "wrong" paired with the couple's laid-back attitude is exactly what made this my new favorite wedding of all time. I wish I could spend a few more days secluded from the world with sketchy cell signal basking in their love.