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Miss Independent

Miss Independent,

You have set goals and deadlines for yourself that you are determined to reach. In the back of your mind there is a clock ticking away. It reminds you each day that time is of the essence. So you press on past the point of exhaustion. You convince yourself that you must do this all on your own since others don't realize the urgency.

Sweet girl, what if you're rushing towards a goal that God does not have for you?

Take time to pray over the things you are chasing. Don't just pray for assistance towards the success of your plans but also lay those plans at God's feet. Examine your motives; your true motives.

Can you honestly say that each goal, if achieved, would be Kingdom building?

Take your blinders off. You have been made for a purpose. You have been equipped with specific gifts to carry it out. Do not get distracted by the shiny pleasures of this life that try to steer you off course. Allow yourself to be covered by the love of God. Stop dwelling on where you should be or what you should have. Rejoice in the fact that the King of the universe took the time to make plans just for you. Remember that no dream of your own could compete with what He has for you.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)


Cass Eli