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confessions | I've got a girl crush

Over the course of my life I've had a lot of girl crushes…or rather celebrities who I admired and learned things from. Mariah Carey taught me how to be confident. Halle Berry taught me how to be mysterious. My current girl crush, Rashida Jones, taught me that smart is way sexier than sexy could ever be. Sidenote: not all of my crushes are mixed kids like me, case in point, Kate Hudson…let's just sit here for a moment and admire her…everything. Then there's J-Lo. I could seriously go on for days and I guess that's kind of my point.
It's so easy to make an idol out of a person you don't even know. More so a person who has been marketed and publicized to perfection so that you can find no fault in them. I see this all the time with my students. I see this all the time with my friends. But until I go off on a tangent like I did above it's often hard to see it in myself. Since I don't get star-struck during a celebrity sighting it's easy to think I'm above the whole idea of idolization. It's easy to think my decisions aren't affected by those dominating the media like everyone else around me.
But then I'm reminded of this scene from The Devil Wears Prada. The evil boss brings down the cocky new girl who feels like she's too above the frivolity of fashion by telling her that the color of the cheap knock-off sweater she is wearing was decided for her. Let's take a popcorn break:


How true is that for me? How many decisions in my life are indirectly affected by people I've never even met? Worse, how many decisions in my life are affected by people who don't love God? I'm not saying we can't learn from the lives placed on screens before us. In fact, true wisdom comes from that type of learning (from other people's mistakes). But we also need to hide our hearts in God's word and learn from the women there.
We need to learn from Ruth what loyalty looks like. We need to let Esther teach us what true obedience is. We should model Mary's desire for Jesus. Most of all we need to admit that the Proverbs 31 woman is way more impressive than Beyoncé (sorry not sorry). The Bible is full of examples of great women who are relevant to our lives today.
When we place society's ideals of what a woman should be over what God clearly outlines for us in scripture then we are putting the world before Him in our hearts. We are saying "it's nice that you think I'm enough God but your opinion doesn't matter as much as all these strangers. So I'm going to get this nose job, starve myself, or spend countless hours in the gym". What is your heart chasing after?
It's ok to take pride in your appearance. You're the daughter of The King and a representative of Christ, you should. But outward beauty or the desires of this world should never come before the condition of your heart or your desire to grow deeper in your faith. So let's reevaluate our girl crushes. Let's look for qualities and characteristics that are worthy of admiration because they mirror the qualities and characteristics of Christ.