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confessions | I'm sorry, I can't

So waaaaay back in August I posted about simplifying my life. One of my bright ideas was to capsule wardrobe. It seemed like such a good idea at the time (*catches statement and laughs*). I would have less to choose from making my mornings easier. I would have higher-quality longer lasting items which means fewer trips to the dreaded fitting room. Basically my life would be complete.

I was doing so well. Donating the stuff that didn't fit in my color palate and buying only things that worked well with the capsule. Except for the times when I didn't. Like the time I bought a neon pink maxi skirt because it was on sale and I love neon. Did it go with my navy and neutral color palette? No (well kind of since neutrals go with everything but not the direction I was headed). Did the long sheer top layer with a mini underneath go with my lifestyle? Not at all. So why in the world did I buy it? Because it was the exact opposite of a practical decision and I needed to rebel.
Y'all I love clothes SO much and I'm sorry but I can't capsule wardrobe.
Or rather I've decided to mini capsule wardrobe. A work capsule; I mean how crazy can that get? A church capsule; basically my life capsule because I wear jeans just as more frequently than dresses to church so my chill clothes are the same. A gym capsule; I mean I work out or whatever. And lastly a fun capsule which will be an excuse to buy any random item but with a cap at a certain number.
I know my confessions usually have a biblical tie in and teach you a lesson based on my life experiences. So sorry, but that's not happening today. I just literally needed to confess. Hi my name is Cass, and I'm a clothes hoarder.