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via She Reads Truth
We love because He first loved us.
-1 John 4:19, HCSB

Saturdays were pancake days. Regardless of what activities the day held, it always began with batter and blueberries.

I would come down the stairs mid-morning, always last and always late. Sometimes we had additional guests, phone call interruptions or fluctuating appetites, but the scene was always the same:

I knew my brother would want milk, and seconds.
He knew I wouldn’t be mad if he used all of the syrup.

I knew my dad would request coffee first, pancakes later.
He knew I would eat the most blueberries.

I knew my mom would mention how my Papa used to call them ‘hotcakes.’
She knew I would want to flip the “pancakes, not hotcakes!” myself.

They all knew not to talk to me before 8 am.