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morning musings | I like my blog, I like my readers

Want to know the secret of my happiness? It begins with a "J" and has a "s" or two somewhere in there.

I bet you guessed Jesus… *ERRRHH!* (that's my attempt at a buzzer noise)…wrong.
I see how that was misleading; mostly because that was the point. And yes Jesus is the source of my joy. But my superficial, emotion-based, fleeting happiness is thanks to Jessica.
Jessi-who?! You ask. Jessica from Jessica's Daily Affirmations. Whenever I start feeling down I hear her little voice in my head and I start listing out things around me that I like. I like this candle, I like this cup, etc. Watch the video and then give it a try. It works for 98.7% of people. The rest just aren't ready to fully commit.