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morning musings | DR recap

Where do I even begin in recapping last week's trip? There were so many powerful moments. My brain still isn't functioning at full capacity y'all. Just ask my best friend how well I've been doing at completing my sentences…her answer would be terrible with a laugh. Here are a few highlights:

-I met these adorable girls who asked me about my little brother (why hadn't I brought him), thought one of the boys in my family group was "muy guapo", and wanted to know how I did my hair. This was such a sweet reminder that girls are still girls even when they come from totally different walks of life.
-While witnessing to a group of ladies that were standing off to the side watching all the madness I was able to help our translator. I now know that if I were stranded in a Spanish speaking country I would survive. Gracias to all the professoras that never gave up on me, you'd be proud.

-The highlight of my week was our fútbol scrimmage. My team fueron los ganadores…and I don't even care if the majority of the people I played against were 7 year-olds. I am still a champion and the girls covered me in kisses when they left.
-One should not use a kickball to play volleyball. It hurts and I still have bruises! We had an impromptu sports party in the outfield just as a baseball team finished practice. It was so great to look around through the chaos and see all the smiles. It was more amazing to see one of the Dominican boys we played with explain his Christian faith to his teammates. A few of who then went on to accept Christ. Oh from the mouths of babes.

-We partnered with a "feed the village" program to sort, bag, and pass out groceries to families in need. This was my first experience of the racism that exists between the Dominicans and the Haitian refugees. My mind was blown and my heart was broken.
-My proudest moments were during door to door. This is when I saw my students really step outside of their comfort zones. It shocked me each time a different one took charge and prayed boldly over those we met. I still tear up thinking about it.

-I must buy a saw! Construction left me with the desire to cut everything in sight.
-My reminder to embrace came  at me in full force on our last service day. We sat around for hours with nothing to do. Our contact had gone missing and when we did find her she spent most of our time sharing the gospel with us. I felt frustrated at how unproductive we were being especially since we had been rushed from a place where we were actually being useful. But then I was reminded that even in that moment God had a plan.

That was just a brief-ish brain dump. I'll share a few more in-depth stories later this week.