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a look at | God's Goodness

Can I tell you something? From the second I stepped foot outside of the airport doors and breathed in the warm Georgia night air my heart has been under attack. It seems that each hour of each day has brought more and more bad news for people I love. 

I've been frustrated with God…not really angry but more so confused. I've been thinking things would be so much easier if He let me in on His plans for once. I've searched for words to comfort but none have come. I've broken into uncontrollable tears more times than I care to admit. And I've prayed that He'd remind me He sees it all.
Then today while I was at work I noticed a bracelet sitting on my coworker's desk. It's been there since October but this was the first time I'd ever thought to read it. As I looked down at the white rubber band in my hand I saw the words "God Is Good All The Time" on one side and "AJ's Army" on the other. AJ is the sweet mother of three young boys who works out of one of our Florida offices. This past fall she was diagnosed with cancer. Even facing death her family was able to say God is good.
I'm then reminded of my dad. He's at that stage in life where he's competing for jobs with younger more tech savvy applicants who are willing to work for less. He's overworked, underpaid and searching for better…while he presses on through the search he remembers God is good.
I think next of this sweet woman I met while feeding people in a Haitian refugee village in the Dominican Republic. She's helplessly watching as her legs slowly deteriorate and she loses her ability to walk…while she watches she remembers God is good.
Tears begin to blur my vision as I think of a friend who recently lost her baby just weeks before her due date…while she grieves she remembers God is good.
And lastly I think of David and Psalm 139. I am reminded that God does see it all. He sees our struggles, our tears, and our doubts. None of it is a surprise to Him. He is there even when we try to hide. His thoughts, for me alone, outnumber the grains of sand. I was just on the beach Friday and I can tell you that even a handful of sand would probably contain more grains than all the thoughts I'll ever have about everything over the whole course of my life. But God thinks that many thoughts times all the handfuls that it takes to fill all the beaches in the entire world about little old me (and about you too).
So yea, it's frustrating when His definition of "good" doesn't line up with our desires. But we have not been forgotten. I challenge you to go read Psalm 139 for yourself. Read it slowly and read it aloud. Let it wash over you as David reminds you that that God is good (all the time y'all).