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a look at | Easter

We are currently in the middle of Holy (or Passion) Week; the most important time of year for Christians (whaaat?! It's not Christmas?). As we mark off the days leading to Easter Sunday I am reminded of what a perfect opportunity this week gives for us to share Christ with others.

Say what you will about the pagan practices that have crept into our Easter traditions but personally I am thankful for that little bunny and those colorful eggs. (However, the people who dress up as the Easter bunny just to let kids sit on their lap and take pictures creep me out…sorry not sorry.) Some think these things have watered down the true meaning of the holiday and I get that. But why don't we use them to our advantage?
Having served in student ministry for years I have been so blessed to work with people that have very few preconceived notions about Christianity. I can't just start a conversation with "big church words" like resurrection or justification. I have to start with something they know and view as non-threatening to get to my point. Like this graphic I saw the other day:

My first thought was "Easter eggs aren't hollow"; because I come from an old school family that actually boils and dyes real eggs. None of that plastic junk for us. My second thought was "that is not where Easter eggs come from"; they have nothing to do with Jesus y'all. But then I was overwhelmed by the thought of "wow, what a wonderful opportunity to take what was intended to harm the sanctity of the holiday and turn it into a teachable moment".
Let's commit to being thoughtful this Easter. What are some ways we can share the true meaning of the holiday with those God places in our path this week? Whether it's someone you meet in line at the store purchasing goodies for their baskets or a coworker who has an unexpected day off due to Good Friday make valuable use of those interactions because you might be the only representation of Christ that person sees during a holiday that should only be about Him.