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spotlight | You Can Sit With Us

I remember sitting in the passenger seat of the car with one of my dearest and oldest friends talking about #beau a few months ago. As I shared what I thought to be the very exciting merits of our relationship she glanced over at me with a glazed look in her eyes and said "why can't I have all that AND be passionately in love".

My first reaction was to be offended. I was in love…how dare she! But then I thought of all the talks we'd had in our many years of friendship and realized our worldviews of what constitutes "passionate love" were extremely different.

I like to think of myself as a hopeless romantic but I've also always been a realist when it comes to love. (I know, how is that even possible?!) I'm a fan of grand gestures, magical moments, and the tension that forms in the air between two strangers as they start on the journey of knowing one another. But I also realize that love is work. Even with my best friends or siblings there are days when I don't feel like being loving. Some people have this view of love that is ruled by emotions and if things don't line up with how they think they should feel they run.

I came across this blog post, which comments on an article, about looove. I don't agree with how she said everything (girl, you ARE a princess. But I get some people take that too far…and there's a censored expletive that makes me cringe as it's bookended by statements about Jesus). However, I whole-heartedly support the fact that she reminds us to seek to serve not to be served and to show grace that we ourselves so desperately need.

A U D G E | love is.

I was gabbing with some special gals in my life over lunch one day about an article they had read titled “Why You Deserve Someone Who Will Give You The World And Nothing Less”. It was kind of long, so I asked for the link so I could sit down and read it when I wasn’t trying to feed three people at once (It’s a skill. One I definitely haven’t yet perfected yet.)… and when I finally swam through this deep sea of thoughts on love, it just felt so wrong.
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