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spotlight | Heather Lindsey

It's Friday (yay), I was up all night getting ready for our girls' retreat, and my brain is mush…which means I can't form complete sentences. Which means today I'm going to spotlight someone else (*shrugs* judge away).

On Tuesday nights I attend a young adult service at church that isn't my "home church". I've been going to this service (and other special events at this church) for over a year. I can't tell you how tired I get of saying "oh, I don't go here" when people ask about something I'm doing in student ministry or what service I plan on attending that Sunday. This week someone else got to be the outcast (*does happy dance because misery loves company*). This sweet girl from my small group announced to our guy friend that she attends Gathering Oasis aka "Heather Lindsey's church".
Y'all I loooove Heather Lindsey. I remember seeing everyone I know post about her on Instagram and it literally took me a year to click over to her blog and then purchase her book. Heather is like that blunt big sister we all wish we had need. She doesn't sugar coat things but her correction comes from a place of love. If she upsets you it's probably because she's convicted you. Lately it seems I've been talking to friends (and strangers) about their boy problems. I'm thankful God is using the terrible judgment I had in the past to save others from some of the heartbreak I've experience over the years. The common theme in all the conversations I've had is women not realizing their worth. So when I headed over to Heather's blog I decided to type that into the search box and see what she had to say.
The post that seemed to universally cover all the stories I've heard was "How to Identify a RANDOM". If you're at all familiar with Heather then you're laughing because "random" is her thing; she should copyright it. Below is an excerpt from her post with a link. Enjoy!

If you're new to what "RANDOM" is-- let's define it, A Random is defined as a person you KNOW you'll never marry but you date them to fill a void because you're lonely or bored. A random is that ex boyfriend that is still trying to EMOTIONALLY connect with you and you're married. A random is a co-worker that is switching' all hard in your face trying to get your attention. A random is a unhealthy relationship. This could also go for friendships as well. It's that person you KNOW is messy & gossips about everyone..but you still hang around them.